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Jagged Edge Design Corvid 19 status

During this challenging period Jagged Edge Design will continue to operate for as long as that is possible.

As there are only the two of us (Gary and I) the risk of spreading the virus is minimal, provided a few sensible precautions are taken.

The changes to our normal workflow are as follows –

Initial meetings – We will no longer be holding “on site” meetings for new prospects. We can provide fee proposals for new work remotely via email, this may involve an online linkup using Webex or Zoom if required. We have disabled the online meeting facility from our website, but please do still get in touch and we will get back to you by email or phone.

On site surveys – The 3D scanning process, that we use, greatly reduces the physical contact with the building compared to other methods, however, we still need a person to carry out the work. We will survey wearing Nitrile gloves and a face mask to minimise risk of spreading the infection.

Meetings – The usual meetings that take place through the development of a project are now being held online via Webex, this enables us to chat with clients, and view the building model(s) online. So far this has proved very effective.

The most important issue is that you all stay safe, we can fit our approach to suit your preferred method of communication (we can simply post printed drawings too and fro), but we shall continue to operate for as long as we are able.

Please look after yourselves.

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